Why 2RS?

2RS was created by a team of individuals with varied and complementary experience who came together around a shared vision of their profession and the same business ethics:  the Client must be the central concern in the provision of services.
Entrepreneurship, our driving force
The significant level of shareholding by managers reflects a resolutely entrepreneurial approach which sets us apart from other players in the market and allows us to offer stability and sustainability to our clients.

Client satisfaction, our goal
Proactivity, proximity and assistance are the values ​​of 2RS, ensuring that the service provided and the results delivered meet the needs of its clients.
Independence, our culture
Coming from a strong, independent corporate culture, 2RS works in synergy with all its insurance and reinsurance partners. The centre of expertise is in Luxembourg, as is its decision-making centre, ensuring the company's independence.

Proximity, our approach
The 2RS approach is based on proximity with the effective provision of a team with an in-depth understanding of the client's business. This creates technical added value demonstrated by:
  • the provision of skills to complement the expertise of traditional partners
  • initiatives and proposals for improvements to existing arrangements
  • anticipating events which could disrupt the development of the client's business